Richard Dixon - Social Media Manager

Hello! My name is Richard Dixon and I am absolutely delighted to welcome you to my Social Media Manager website. I’m on a mission to de-mystify Social Media and make it work for you in your business.

Right now Social Media is exploding! It’s everywhere….and YOU just cannot afford to ignore the massive opportunities that Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, Foursquare and the plethora of other Social Media platforms out there offer to businesses just like yours.

If, like me you are old enough (can’t you tell from the picture!) to remember the eruption of the internet in the late 90′s, you’ll recall that there was a great deal of hype about the impact that the World Wide Web was going to have on business.

There was also a massive amount of scepticism around as well. Many experienced and previously successful business people dismissed the internet as a fad. It was just a load of hot air that could do nothing to enhance their companies. And anyway, “Why do we need to change?” they said. “Things are going just great as they are thanks.”

Oh dear, I do hope that the penny did eventually drop for the people I heard making these kind of statements 15 odd years ago. Unfortunately, their lack of foresight probably meant that they missed out completely and failed to take advantage of the incredible opportunities the internet was opening up at the time.

All very interesting Richard, but what the heck has all this internet history stuff got to do with Social Media?

Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with it!

Social Media is the biggest game changer since the internet came along. At this very second the World is changing again, and those businesses that seize the moment and grab a hold of the power of Social Media will be the ones that reap the biggest rewards now….and for years to come!

I know that it’s tempting to raise a cynical eyebrow especially as there are so many marketing “guru’s” out there at the moment spouting Social Media hyperbole! But please, don’t take the easy option and turn a blind eye. 15 years from now you may just regret doing so.

And if now you are thinking “Hey, I’d really like to get this Social Media thing happening in my business but just don’t have the time.” Don’t panic! The bespoke service that Richard Dixon Social Media provides will get your name out there onto the Social Media landscape working for you without you having to endure the time consuming pain and frustration of trying to do it all for yourself.

Lets talk. Give me a call on 0845 013 8431. I can’t wait to chat.

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